Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday, 29 November 2007 - Nine deer

Dear God:

Today, I am thankful for nine deer.

S, T and I are tired after completing our truly last climbing adventure this month. This time, we climbd five minutes from home at the Ute Valley bouldering area.

It's just after 4 PM. The sun has already set behind Pikes Peak. As S turns into the neighborhood, we see them immediately on the north side of the street: a herd of nine deer wandering from front yard to front yard in search of dinner.

I'm awed at the sight of the nine deer, but shouldn't be. I tend to forget that, in the Rocky Mountain foothills, the deer and other wild creatures are our neighbors. Their visits, especially during the colder winter and spring months when food is scarce, are reminders that we humans are the real intruders. The deer, coyotes, racoons, bears, mountain lions, foxes, rabbits, eagles, snakes and other wild fauna were here first.

For this blessing, I am grateful.


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