Sunday, December 18, 2011

T turns 15

Dear God:

Today, I am so thankful for T as we celebrate his 15th birthday.

 Yes, T is still with us.

After T's leg surgery in June, S and I weren't optimistic that he would make it to age 15. But he did.

At age 15, T can't hear very well and has lost his once very keen sense of smell. An arthritic right hip keeps him from exploring the neighborhood along favorite dirt trails, yet he is perfectly content to walk around the park twice a day with S. He still eats well, poops regularly and, to our delight, occasionally acts like "young" T.

Happy birthday to our most precious fellow. Despite what others may claim, you are the indisputable best doggie in the whole Universe, the best dog that ever lived. We love you so much.

T - still as handsome as ever at 15

No longer able to join us on hikes or our climbing adventures, T is quite content to be an indoor dog.
This lovely winter afternoon, despite sunny skies and warm temperatures,  he prefers to do what he does best.

A final walk along the mountain road with S - Thanksgiving 2011.

For this most extraordinary blessing, I am very grateful.