Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday, 10 November 2007 - Stamina

Dear God:

Today, I am thankful for stamina.

Our climbing adventure went somewhat awry today. We decide to visit the Coyote Wall, the southern most climbing area in Red Rock Canyon. The hike to the Coyote Wall has two uphill sections that test our fitness. Our packs are heavy - S and I each carry at least a gallon of water. Mine usually weighs about 25 pounds - I only weigh 107 pounds. S's pack weighs much more since he carries the gear and the rope. About half way up the second uphill, we step off the groomed trail and follow game trails to the climbing area.

Earlier in the year, we scouted the area but didn't realize that the better climbs on the left require the belayer to stand on the rock. As we approach the base of the climbs, T slips and refuses to step onto the rock. So, we reluctantly decide to try the routes on the right.

Despite S's successful lead, we must abandon the first climb. It turns out that we need two ropes - we only brought the 70 meter rope and the route is about 140 feet, ground up. So, 2.5 hours into our adventure, S pulls the rope. Then, we pack our gear and head northward to the Solar Slab.

The Solar Slab is one of our favorite walls so we're not disappointed by the change in venue. According to our records, we have not yet attempted two routes - a 5.11 and a 5.10. Since it's getting late, we decide to climb the 5.10. Despite the cold, we both climb very well and happily cross the 5.10 route off of our to do list. We'll try the 5.11 next time.

Anyway, nearly 6.5 hours later, we pack up. It's getting dark and colder. We don warm clothes. Our packs are much lighter thanks to the empty water bottles. T happily leads us down the main trail, stopping here and there to check out a good sniff. We're tired and thankful for the downhill path.

For this blessing, I am grateful.


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