Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday, 07 September 2007 - Blisters

Dear God:

Today, I am thankful for blisters.

Blisters. On both heels. Incurred two weeks ago. I'm thankful not for the actual blisters (which belong to S, not me), but for lesson of blisters. In our case, patience.

It's a tough lesson for S, who has never before suffered from heel blisters (thank goodness he usually heals very quickly). It's a tough lesson for me, who reluctantly accepted the fact that S's blisters would limit my climbing exploits to bouldering or the short top ropes at the bouldering area. And, it's tough lesson for T, who will never understand why we did not visit Red Rock Canyon three times a week (no, T, it's not your fault).

~~~Waiting for the fragile skin to heal completely before resuming rigorous athletic endeavors.
~~~Leaving the wounds alone so they can heal in peace and in their own time.
~~~Forcing S to rest from his favorite outdoor sports - they all require fancy footwork or tight shoes.
~~~Not giving in to the temptation of doing just a little climbing or a little cycling because the wound is nearly healed (remember that "almost only counts in horseshoes").

So, we stopped climbing for a few weeks, bringing an abrupt halt to our momentum. We hope to resume our favorite sport next weekend. To me, the hiatus will be worth every minute as long as the blisters heal completely. Anyway, autumn, with its dry, crisp air and delightfully warm afternoons, is our favorite climbing season.

For this blessing, I am grateful.


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