Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday, 02 June 2008 - Planting weather

Dear God:

Today, I am thankful for planting weather.

I check Google's 10-day weather forecast and am pleased to see that warm daytime and nighttime temperatures should prevail for the foreseeable future.

I decide to risk everything (including my gardening reputation) and transplant two tomato (1 fantastic, 1 brandywine) and four pepper plants (3 jalapeno, 1 mariachi) directly in the garden. I improvise raised beds, hoping that the nutrient rich potting soil will increase yields.

I'll plant the remaining vegetables - more peppers, sun gold cherry tomatoes, baby romaine lettuce - in pots or the old galvanized steel tub (S promises to drill drainage holes in the warped bottom). I started these plants from seed so they're not yet ready for transplantation. Maybe in a few weeks.

For this blessing, I am grateful.


Photo: Pepper plants

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