Monday, June 20, 2011

My favorite gardening companion

Dear God:

Today, I am thankful for my favorite gardening companion.

T at 14.5 years
On his best days, T hobbles around the backyard, favoring his right hind leg. His arthritic hips hinder his mobility. He no longer races along the fence line or fetches a favorite toy or reacts to a teasing squirrel. Not that he doesn't want to. He just can't, and he knows it.

While I tend my gardens, he no longer follows me around the yard. Instead, he stands on the patio and watches from afar. More like the lord of the manor than my supervisor.

T turned 14.5 years old on Saturday. Elderly by Labrador Retriever and human standards. he still walks with S twice a day - usually two very slow laps around the park with an occasional journey along the trail, alley or main road. T has walked around that darn park tens of thousands of times.

The owner of the pet food store always reminds me that T's longevity is a testament to our love for him. Only the best for T, I always say. The best food, the purest water, the finest treats, the softest blankets, the most hugs.

T's longevity also means that he is susceptible to old age infirmities. Last week, at his annual exam, we learned that the "cyst" on his foreleg is a sarcoma. The "veg" (our term for veterinarian) assured us that T is strong enough for surgery, so we scheduled the procedure for this Wednesday, June 22. If you like or even love T, please pray for him, the surgical team and us.

For this very special blessing, I am grateful.


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