Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My dad and my gardens

Dear God:

Today, I am thankful for my dad and my gardens.

If he had lived, Dad would be celebrating his 86th birthday today. Instead, over year after his death, I am honoring him in my own, very private way, in my garden.

I spent the weekend tidying my backyard garden - just in case Dad was curious and checked in to see what's blooming. Despite the 90 degree-plus temperatures, I spent several hours weeding, pruning, thinning, deadheading, mulching and watering.

Just in case, of course.

I hope Dad was happy that at least one of his five daughters (me) inherited his gardening genes and became a rather accomplished gardener. He never said a thing to me about my endeavors. Still, I'm sure he was proud of me, especially since I garden in a very challenging environment - the arid, high plains of the Colorado Front Range.

So, in celebration of Dad's 86th birthday, I'm inviting you to take a short walk in my gardens. Warning: the plants are not as green and lush as the ones he grew in Southern California.

Most of mine are xeric: drought-resistant or drought-tolerant. Many are Colorado natives. Lots are deer- and rabbit-resistant. Some are edible. All are lovely.

Backyard garden - looking west

Backyard garden - along the north fence

Backyard garden - another view looking west

Backyard garden - looking towards the northeast corner

Backyard garden - another view looking towards the northeast corner
Backyard garden - north fence

Backyard garden - north fence, close-in view

Backyard garden - shadier section along the house
Front Yard
A daisy for your thoughts, Dad ... Happy Birthday ... we miss you.
For these blessings, I am very grateful.


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